JavaScript device orientation tool

Just a small tool to show the device orientation data from JavaScript.

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My adjustable home climbing wall

In the following post I want to present my adjustable home climbing wall. It may help other people by decision making, but it won't cover construction plans or similar. Everything just for boast.

Adjustable home climbing wall

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Constructing a wooden climbing foothold with FreeCAD

A small tutorial to document my steps with FreeCAD to construct a simple wooden climbing foothold.

FreeCAD wooden foothold

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Using a TrueType font in LaTeX with XeTeX

I still prefer LaTeX for presentations. There might be more comfortable software for presentations, but LaTeX is in my eyes the way to go for scientific data. The font selection is just pretty limited. The XeTeX project can help you to get TrueType fonts into your documents and presentations.

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What are my GPS coordinates?

A small and easy tool that gives you your current GPS coordinates.

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Interval clock tool

A small interval clock counter tool for fitness exercises or similar.

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Longest common subsequence calculation in PHP with UTF-8 strings

I needed a PHP library that compares strings with a Longest common subsequence algorithm. Important was the support of UTF-8 or Multibyte Strings at all.

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Nonsmoking benefit calculator

My nonsmoking helper application ends today after four weeks, but I would like to see the benefits of not smoking in challenging moments. So I build my own small JavaScript tool that shows me the number of not smoked cigarettes and the saved money while not smoking.

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Create a list of notified events in Shopware 5

Shopware best practice while developing is to use events if you want to change or add the behavior of the shop. Some developers are often searching for full event lists of a system. But in the most cases are those lists incomplete. The main reason are dynamic events. It is always a good idea to create a fresh event list for every development task that desires events.

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Creating a handwritten TrueType font in Linux

I always wanted to create a font out of my handwritten letters and in this small tutorial I will show you the way I have done it with the help of FontForge, Inkscape and GIMP.

A handwritten TrueType font

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