My home climbing wall upgrade

Since two years now I am climbing on my home climbing wall. On the initial setup I left some space for more holds. Those free corners have been filled up in the last months.

Home climbing wall upgrade

Additional wooden climbing holds

In this small section I would like to show again some of the wooden holds I have added to my board.

Wurft Climbing Holds

I ordered two slopers from Wurft Climbing Holds. Tobias Wurft has a popular Youtube channel about climbing hold shaping. I guess last year he moved from New Zealand to Germany and I used the opportunity to buy two symmetric slopers. They are the most expensive holds on my wall. But at the moment also my most used ones.

Wurft Climbing Holds Slopeer


From Powerholz I ordered two bigger rails and two jugs. They work also on steep angles and are just looking like art. The holds are manufactured in my favorite German climbing area Franconian Jura.

Powerholz Climbing hold

Handfest Climbing Holds

My initial setup already contained holds from Handfest Climbing Holds. I like the geometric shapes and the clean look of the holds. I added three different pairs to my wall.

Handfest Climbing Holds

Lock Holds

Lock Holds are manufactured in Peak District National Park. The holds are finished with an incredible paintwork. I ordered two micro pairs.

Lock Climbing Holds

Selfmade wooden climbing holds

The initial idea of my wall contained only selfmade climbing holds. Unfortunately other people are way better than me on shaping wooden holds. But I tried also to create a simple pinch and two crimps.

Selfmade Wooden Climbing Hold


I just wanted to buy fingerboard packers by beastmaker, but afterwards I ended up also ordering those nice dimple pinches. The shape is similar to a squashed piece of dough. It fits perfect for my hand.

beastmaker dimple pinch

Symmetric layout

Here a picture that shows my current symmetric hold layout on the right and the old layout on the left side.

Old climbing wall symmetric layout
Climbing wall symmetric layout
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