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Interpret a beastmaker Motherboard freehang export with D3

In the Grippy App you are able to do freehangs and export those raw data from the beastmaker Motherboard in the CSV format. In this post I would like to go through the format and visualize the data with D3 in a time series diagram.

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D3 time series example

Just a small example for time series illustrations with D3.

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LaTeX - Illustrate similarity measures of time series

I need to illustrate similarity measures of time series in a paper. Common illustrations are the euclidean distance and dynamic time warping.

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LaTeX - Multidimensional time series PGFPlots tikzpicture

I am working on my bachelor thesis and have to deal with multidimensional time series. Quite specifically time series containing acceleration data from the three sensors produced by a Wii controller. I would like to show on a small example how I represent multidimensional time series graphs in LaTeX.

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