Archive October 2017

Temporary Apache development web server in a Docker container

From time to time I need to run a temporary web server on my local operating system. In the most cases only for the some frontend development of small projects or some prove of concept. Installing nginx or Apache is no option.

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Create Grunt Docker image

I didn't like to install special versions of JavaScript libraries globally on my operating system. The same for npm and Grunt. So I need to create small Docker image that fits my needs for development.

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Create Debian 9 Stretch USB installation flash drive

Sometimes is this blog just my own collection of things that I learned and found in other blogs. That's why this small tutorial is just a shameless copy of Taro Satos post Creating Debian Wheezy Installation USB Stick.

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What is my IP address? - Tool

A small tool to check What is my IP address?. Plus some MaxMind GeoIP data like city, country or longitude and latitude of an IP.

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Magento Stammtisch Meetup Berlin September 2017

Last thursday, the 28th of September 2017 has taken place the Magento Stammtisch Meetup Berlin in the office of brandung. Here a small summary of the event.

Magento Stammtisch Meetup Berlin - September 2017

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