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CSS conflict between WordPress Twenty Fifteen and embedded Github Gists

5 minutes ago I have written a post with a Github Gist. You can embed Gists like this in your posts

<script src="https://gist.github.com/GordonLesti/8822532.js"></script>

But the gist has looked like this


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Disable clickable links in Wordpress comments

I have noticed more and more links to commercial Magento extensions in the comments of my blog. That is pretty normal, cause my Magento extensions aren't free of conflicts with other extensions and people just want to give me a hint. But sometimes I'm not sure if they just want to ask a stupid question and make their link. SEO isn't my hot topic. Everything I know is, good content and backlinks are important. I always visit the website of an comment and sometimes I remove their link to an commercial Magento extension shop. But I would like to disable the links in the comments. So I have decided to make all links in comments not clickable.

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