Archive December 2017

Mathematic expressions in HTML with KaTeX

KaTeX is a JavaScript library to render mathematic expressions in your web browser. Similar to MathJax it is able to use TeX as input.

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Digitize a VHS tape with FFmpeg and EasyCAP on Linux

I would like to digitize some old VHS tapes before the time is reducing the quality more and more. My current operating system is Debian 9.3, but the following instructions should work mostly on every Linux distribution. Some of the stuff has been taken from the german Wiki of about Videograbbing.

videograbber and videocassette recorder

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Custom code highlighting in LaTeX

LaTeX is the software that I prefer for creating presentation slides or small documents with technical and mathematical background. From time to time it is necessary to show code with highlighting in LaTeX documents. Sometimes also for less popular programming languages or file formats.

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Regular expression testing tool

Just a small tool to check regular expressions in the browser build with JavaScript.

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Magento Stammtisch Meetup Berlin November 2017

The 45th version of the Berlin Magento Stammtisch or Meetup was on the 28th November 2017. Here a small summary of the event.

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Fix audio drifts in video records with Kdenlive and FFmpeg

I recorded some old VHS tapes to digitize them to video movies and burn them on DVDs. Sadly the audio had a shift or drift of around one and a half second over the one hour video. Here a small solution to fix this problem with the help of Kdenlive and FFmpeg.

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