Archive February 2015

CSS conflict between WordPress Twenty Fifteen and embedded Github Gists

5 minutes ago I have written a post with a Github Gist. You can embed Gists like this in your posts

<script src=""></script>

But the gist has looked like this


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Multidimensional ArrayAccess in PHP is impossible

I'm working on NumPHP again and for the next version I would like to give this library a little bit more syntactic sugar. For example the get and set functions look like this at the moment.

$column = $matrix->get('1:3', 5);
$matrix->set(3, '1:', $vector);
Not bad, but something like this would be better.
$column = $matrix['1:3'][5];
$matrix[3]['1:'] = $vector;
So I have found the interface ArrayAccess, but it has one big problem. It is not for multidimensional objects.

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