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Installing Gitlab 6-8 and Gitlab Ci 5-0 with Ruby 2.1.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

The last days I wanted to install Gitlab and GitlabCi for a project. Gitlab is like a self hosted Github. And Gitlab Ci is the coolest thing ever. It's Continuous Integration for Gitlab. Just in a few words, you run all your tests, mess detector, code sniffer and what ever after every push to your git repository. Incredible Shit.

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Developing with Vagrant - Part 1

In the last 3 years, I had mad a few steps in developing. In the very first days, I had uploaded files with ftp or sftp on the server. After one year I had my first big job in a little team and that was the first time I heard about version control. It sounds crazy, but I never had imagine that there were tools around coding that can bring you such a big benefit. And now, there are that much tools around coding. A good developer has to know so much about things like pipelining, version control, frameworks, desing patterns, testing, security and much more stuff. And today I want to check an other little thing. Vagrant. First I heard about it from Danilo Braband. He made a cool presentation about it, but I was a little bit critical. I thought:"I didn't need more fancy tools, I guess I can live without it". But a few weeks later, I did see more and more little Vagrantfiles on github and in practice it's very efficiently . And today I want to make my own first steps with vagrant.

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