Installing Gitlab 6-8 and Gitlab Ci 5-0 with Ruby 2.1.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

The last days I wanted to install Gitlab and GitlabCi for a project. Gitlab is like a self hosted Github. And Gitlab Ci is the coolest thing ever. It's Continuous Integration for Gitlab. Just in a few words, you run all your tests, mess detector, code sniffer and what ever after every push to your git repository. Incredible Shit.

Installation of Gitlab

I have 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with 1024 memory. I followed the installation guide from gitlab. But there was one big problem, I can't compile ruby 2.0.0. I always get a problem with readline. The normal ruby install from apt-get made problem at the end of the installation. I read, there is a problem with ruby 2.0.0 and readline 6.3. So I tried to install Gitlab with ruby 2.1.2 and it worked. Just follow the instructions of the Gitlab guide until 2. Ruby. Just replace the install of ruby 2.0.0 with:

mkdir /tmp/ruby && cd /tmp/ruby
curl --progress | tar xz
cd ruby-2.1.2
./configure --disable-install-rdoc
sudo make install
After that you can follow the guide to the end. The same step for Gitlab Ci. Hopefully this does not break some functions of Gitlab or Gitlab Ci.

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