Archive February 2017

Magento 2 DependencyWheel

I made a post about Magento dependencies in 2013 with a small visualization graph. It is not that easy to do the same with Magento 2, but luckily I have found DependencyWheel by François Zaninotto. This JavaScript library creates chord diagrams out of a composer.json and a composer.lock with the help of D3. I would like to show you the result.

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Persistent directories for one-way Docker containers

One-way bottles in germany will be thrown in the garbage after usage. Some Docker containers will be removed or destroyed after execution. But especially for some dependency management tools or task runners it can be nice to have a persistent directory. We can achieve that with the parameter --volumes-from and a busybox. I will show the usage on a Docker container of Composer and Gradle, but the principle is easy to transfer for other building or management Docker containers.

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Linux - Convert all Ogg files in a directory to MP3

I need to convert all Ogg Vorbis files in a directory to MP3. I will create a small bash script that uses avconv or FFmpeg to convert the audio files.

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