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Digitize a VHS tape with FFmpeg and EasyCAP on Linux

I would like to digitize some old VHS tapes before the time is reducing the quality more and more. My current operating system is Debian 9.3, but the following instructions should work mostly on every Linux distribution. Some of the stuff has been taken from the german Wiki of ubuntuusers.de about Videograbbing.

videograbber and videocassette recorder

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Fix audio drifts in video records with Kdenlive and FFmpeg

I recorded some old VHS tapes to digitize them to video movies and burn them on DVDs. Sadly the audio had a shift or drift of around one and a half second over the one hour video. Here a small solution to fix this problem with the help of Kdenlive and FFmpeg.

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Ripping a DVD with HandBrake on Linux

I'm starting to digitize many of my old tapes and vinyls. The final result should be my own multimedia center on a Raspberry Pi. Also important for me are my old DVDs. Today I would like to show, how to rip a DVD on Linux with HandBrake.

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