Archive February 2016

Installing ownCloud 8.1 on a Raspberry Pi

Finally I'm at the end. These are the tings I have done before I now can start installing ownCloud on my Raspberry Pi.

  1. Change default users on Raspberry Pi
  2. Mount ext4 USB flash drive to Raspberry Pi
The current version of ownCloud is 8.2.2 and this version would be better, cause it has full PHP7 support. But I will now install 8.1, cause there are some problems with 8.2.2 and the calendar app does not support PHP7 at the moment. But ownCloud 9 will come soon in 2016. The last time I have installed ownCloud is a while ago and so I will start with Manual Installation on Linux.

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Exhibition "Wer-nie-sah, der kann doch fühlen"

The artist Lesti (not me) will give his first exhibition with the title Wer-nie-sah, der kann doch fühlen in Berlin Neukölln.

Anticlimacus - Lesti

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Unix timestamp to date tool

One more common tool that is fun to write and that I use pretty offen. A tool that converts timestamp to date.

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Mount ext4 USB flash drive to Raspberry Pi

This is just a shameless translation of the german post Raspberry Pi: USB-Stick und USB-Festplatte einbinden from Jan Karres. Jan is also mounting ntfs and fat drives, but I just need ext4 so we will skip his first step. I have also changed some small other things.

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Change default users on Raspberry Pi

The default user on a fresh Raspbian is pi with the password raspberry. To feel a little bit more save I would like to delete the user pi and change the default root user password.

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Network error - Download - Windows virtual machine

When downloading a virtual machine at I'm always getting a Unknown network error from my browser, in this case chromium. But I had the same experience with iceweasel.

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Linux user management commands

This post will contain a list of common unix commands for user management that I didn't use that often, but that are pretty common for others. And just to prevent me from searching again in the web I will collect them here for myself.

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Rotate every second page of a PDF file on Linux

A little bit special today, but I would like to show how to rotate every second page of every PDF file in a directory. This mostly happends if you scan a book for example and that looks something like this after scanning.

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