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CSS conflict between Bootstrap 4 and Prism

Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha.5 is styling the class .tag and this leads to a CSS conflict with the Prism syntax highlighter. Here my fix to solve this conflict.

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A Prism based web text editor with syntax highlighting

I like to use Prism on my blog for syntax highlighting. Today I just want to test something like prototype for web text editor with Prism syntax highlighting. I know there are also working web text editors like CodeMirror for example, but as mentioned this post more a feasibility study.

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Greenprint - A Prism syntax highlighting theme

I have started the development of my own Prism theme. I was mostly inspired by the awesome Prism theme of Mozilla Developer Network. I thought it would be difficult, but in general it is just defining some colors. The theme is also used by blog.

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Prism - Code folding with details and summary

I have started development of a code folding plugin for Prism syntax highlighting. The comment by Lea Verou showed me that the details and summary tags combined with the Keep markup plugin are a more comfortable solution.

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Prism - syntax highlighting for Magento templates

In the past I have written a few posts about email template directives for Magento 2.

I like to use Prism as syntax highlighter for my blog. So I have created a small grammer for Magento templates that are used for emails and for the CMS system.

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Prism - Code Folding plugin prototype

I am using Prism on my blog for my syntax highlighting and I am very happy and thankful about it. Sometimes I wanted to show the users of my blog a specific function of a class, but without decoupling the function from the class. So I needed something like a Prism plugin that can hide specific lines of the code in a foldable area.

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Prism - Hooks list

I started my first Prism plugin. Prism uses hooks or in other software often called events to get simple plugin architecture. It is often a good idea to get an overview about all available hooks that Prism runs without any plugins. I will show in this post a small list with some explainations.

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