Archive October 2016

Prism - Code Folding plugin prototype

I am using Prism on my blog for my syntax highlighting and I am very happy and thankful about it. Sometimes I wanted to show the users of my blog a specific function of a class, but without decoupling the function from the class. So I needed something like a Prism plugin that can hide specific lines of the code in a foldable area.

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Prism - Hooks list

I started my first Prism plugin. Prism uses hooks or in other software often called events to get simple plugin architecture. It is often a good idea to get an overview about all available hooks that Prism runs without any plugins. I will show in this post a small list with some explainations.

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Inkscape - Change the color of markers

Markers of a stroke have one problem in Inkscape, they are always black. Here a small example of a unfilled shape with red Stroke paint, a DotL as Start Markers and a Arrow2Lend as End Markers.

Inkscape red stroke with black markers

I would like to show three ways to turn the markers red.

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Magento 2 email template style directives

I would like to explain the css and inlinecss directives and the variable template_styles of Magento 2 email templates in this post.

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Magento 2 email template logic directives

There are two logical directives that can be used in Magento 2 email templates. The depend and the if directives. I will explain both in this post.

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Magento 2 email template template directives

The title is maybe a little bit confusing, better would be maybe child template directives. This post explains how to include a child template in a Magento email template. Pretty popular examples are Magento_Email::email/footer.html and Magento_Email::email/header.html.

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Magento 2 email template config directives

It can be quite comfortable to use configuration values in Magento 2 email templates. Let us assume we change our store phone number in the configurations and it changes also in templates where we use sentences like: You can call us any time at .... I will show pretty fast in this post how to use the restricted list of configs in email templates and will explain ways to add your own configuration paths.

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Magento 2 email template translator directives

Magento 2 email templates are supposed to be translated sentence by sentence. This post shows how to use the translator directive.

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Magento 2 email template block directives

This post tries to explain every possible way to use blocks in Magento 2 email templates.

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