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Network error - Download - Windows virtual machine

When downloading a virtual machine at https://dev.windows.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ I'm always getting a Unknown network error from my browser, in this case chromium. But I had the same experience with iceweasel.

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Install Pencil on Debian

Pencil is a pretty nice open-source GUI prototyping tool. The only little problem for Debian user is, Pencil depends on Firefox and not on Iceweasel. If you want to bypass that problem very easy, you can download pencil as Firefox Extension. But if you want to use Pencil as native application you have to download the deb package and will see, that it depends on Firefox. Iceweasel and Firefox are the same things, but have different names.

Here is a Wikipedia articel about Mozilla Corporation software rebranded by the Debian project.
You can run dpkg also with --ignore-depends=firefox, but that isn't a very good solution.

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My new ZTE Open C with FirefoxOS 1.3

My new ZTE Open C arrived and I just wanted to share some pictures. The last 3 month I used the Alcatel One Touch Fire and it's a difference, like night and day. I have ordered it over the german ebay-shop of zte and I'm happy about my new 85€ smartphone.


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Building xmpp (jabber) app for Firefox OS - Part1

In the last month everybody is talking about instant messenger. There are some for Firefox OS, but not really good ones. Often you are bound to one service. But with xmpp you can create your account at one of hundreds of servers all over the world. It's just a protocol. A little bit like email. My client talks to my server, my server to the server of my contact and the server of my contact with the client of my contact. You can inform your self about jabber at jabber.org. I would like to build a xmpp (jabber) app for Firefox OS. The problem: I didn't know much about xmpp and I'm not the best javascript developer. The first problem will be solved in the second part of this post, but I want to build the basic structure of the app in the first part. I did read Quick Guide For Firefox OS App Development from Andre Garzia. The book is pretty good, but like explained in the book it isn't always best practice. But it works. So I have build my app a little bit like explained in this book. At the moment I have a Alcatel One Touch Fire with Firefox OS The ugliest phone you can imagine, please never buy such a shit. I just use it, cause I guess Firefox OS can maybe the next revolution for mobile OS. It's pretty hard to work with such a phone if you have used a iphone since 4 years.

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