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A D3 precission and recall diagram example

I need to illustrate 28152 different simulations in a precission and recall diagram with D3.

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D3 time series example

Just a small example for time series illustrations with D3.

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Magento 2 DependencyWheel

I made a post about Magento dependencies in 2013 with a small visualization graph. It is not that easy to do the same with Magento 2, but luckily I have found DependencyWheel by Fran├žois Zaninotto. This JavaScript library creates chord diagrams out of a composer.json and a composer.lock with the help of D3. I would like to show you the result.

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Responsive embedded D3 SVG

The most D3 examples that I can find are not responsive embedded SVG. I guess the main reason for that is not to confuse the reader of a tutorial with stuff outside of D3. With the help of How to Scale SVG from Amelia Bellamy-Royds I would like to show on a minimal D3 example how to make the resulting SVG responsive.

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