Interpret a beastmaker Motherboard freehang export with D3

In the Grippy App you are able to do freehangs and export those raw data from the beastmaker Motherboard in the CSV format. In this post I would like to go through the format and visualize the data with D3 in a time series diagram.

Creating a Grippy freehangExport.csv

On the following pictures you will see the Grippy freehang menu and the default settings. After connecting with the Grippy App with the Motherboard you will need to measure your current weight. Afterwards passing the freehangs and exporting the result as CSV.

Grippy freehang menu
Grippy freehang settings
Grippy freehang settings

Grippy freehang export format

The Grippy freehang export CSV format contains four columns. The first column containing the hang counter starting from 1. The second column contains the timestamp of the unix time in milliseconds. The third column contains the total weight measured in kilogram. Column four contains the bias. Here the first ten rows of an example freehang.


Visualize freehang export CSV with D3

Feel free to upload your own freehang CSV. I am aware that the sensors of the board a measure force and no weight. But for the most people it might be more clear to show the related weight to the force.

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