Archive February 2023

A beastmaker backboard and training station

In this post I would like to show a beastmaker backboard and training station that I build for a friend. I will tell some words about the construction, the climbing hold setup and the hangboard training app used on this board.

beastmaker backboard

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Beasty 5a+ A beastmaker workout slightly harder than Beasty 5a

I started fingerboarding with my beastmaker Motherboard setup a few month ago and I didn't thought to be that weak. It took me three tries until I was able to complete the easiest workout Beasty 5a without any mistake. Afterwards I was motivated to go on with the second easiest workout Beasty 5b. I managed the 25° Sloper set and also the 3 Finger pocket 30 mm set, but both with mistakes. But the Deep 2-finger pocket 50 mm wasn't even possible after all.

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