My Beastmaker Motherboard setup

Some weeks ago on the October 29th I joined a SmartBoard training in my local gym Magic Mountain by Jörg Helfrich. Result of the evaluation has been that my upper arms are too weak and I could improve my finger strength.

Beastmaker Motherbaord

SmartBoard evaluation result

The SmartBoard climbing training with Jörg Helfrich showed in some ways maybe obvious facts. My finger strength was maybe in between of a novice and intermediate climber. Not that bad, but upgradable. And my upper arms or pull up power is equivalent to a beginner. Here two screenshots of my finger strength evaluation.

SmartBoard Finger Strength Evaluation Overview
SmartBoard Finger Strength Evaluation Detail

Beastmaker fingerboard

The results from the Smartboard evaluation suggested two main things. At first, I try to train three times per week my pull ups. And second, I should buy a hangboard and train my finger strength once per week. The standard for fingerboards seems to be the beastmaker.


While surfing for second hand beastmaker hangboards in my town I found a offer to buy a beastmaker in combination with a Motherboard. A motherboard is somekind of a smart addon for your beastmaker. It is mounted under the beastmaker and contains sensors that send the data to your smartphone. I was so impressed by the Smartboard training that I decided to buy also a smart upgraded beastmaker for my training.


Once in the week I train now with a workout in the Grippy App. That works also without the Motherboard. Here a screenshot of the workout overview and a detail view of a workout.

Grippy Workout Overview
Grippy Workout Detail

Workout history

All workouts are stored in the app and overtime you are able to see your training load and progress. Here screenshots from the workout history and a detail view of a recorded workout.

Grippy Workout History
Grippy Workout History Detail


The app contains also benchmarks to control your training progress. Here a screenshot of the benchmarks overview and a detail view.

Grippy Benchmark Overview
Grippy Benchmark Detail
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