Marking routes on a home climbing wall with magnets

A few weeks ago a friend visited me for a session on my adjustable home climbing wall. Not only for me, especially for my friends it is sometimes difficult to remember the hand and particularly the footholds of a certain route on my home climbing wall. Unfortunately my home climbing wall has no LED system. But my friend had an alternative idea.

Routesetting with magnets

The alternative idea of my friend was the following. To mark every hold of a route with magnets. I guess he and also me had small office magnets in mind. But I still remembered similar tools that Jörg Helfrich used a few month ago on a personal climbing training. Some kind of flexible small tentacle that sticked to the climbing holds with magnets.


I asked Jörg about the name of the magnetic tentacles and ordered a few at

Muskers box

I am happy with my first 20 Muskers. They stick to bold on and screw on holds. And even on my smallest footholds. The tentacles do not disturb me while grabbing a hold. Here a few images of the Muskers on different hold types.

Musker on a handhold
Muskers on a foothold
Musker on a pinch
Muskers on a crimp
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