My adjustable home climbing wall

In the following post I want to present my adjustable home climbing wall. It may help other people by decision making, but it won't cover construction plans or similar. Everything just for boast.

Adjustable home climbing wall


The wall is 257 cm high including a 20 cm kicker and has a width of 260 cm. The angle of the wall is adjustable between 0 and around 40 degree. All holds are made of wood and have symmetric layout. The wall has 15 cm grid, but this has just been used for the bolt-on holds.


The design has been made by Ing. Robert Roithinger and his company kletterwände - Ing. Robert Roithinger e.U.. The company is selling professional climbing walls. And also adjustable home climbing walls under the german name Kippboulderwand or english Tilting boulder walls. Please checkout the video Kippboulderwand mit integrierter Handseilwinde - Produktvideo for an impression.

I had fuzzy ideas about the size and some features and he guided me from that point on. He helped me to clarify the pros and cons of my decisions. Afterwards he designed the whole wall and send me the hand winch, the hinge and other metal parts. The main challenge has been in my eyes the drywall behind the climbing wall.

My part has been to buy the wooden panels and beams. We cutted and drilled the wooden parts according to the instructions of Robert.


The building process took me and three alternately friends about 4 weekends plus some hours after work. In general we needed a circular saw, a saw with the german word Fuchsschwanz, a drilling machine, a router and some small other things. My thanks go to Robert, Tim and Marcin for their support.

Wooden climbing holds

From the early beginning of this project it has been clear that only wooden climbing holds will be used. The best resource beside bigger companies has been the hashtag #woodenholds on Instagram for me. I will present here one picture with a little description for every hold manufacturer on my wall.


EUROHOLDS is maybe one of the biggest company in europe selling wooden holds. I have ordered the WOOD SYMMETRIC HOLDS 2 set. It seems very popular. I have seen it maybe one hundred times on other boards in social media. Their wooden holds are made by CNC in spain. Some shapes are special and some kind of similar to plastic hold shapes from the gym. The bigger holds are good for endurance and work also on steeper angles.

EUROHOLDS wooden climbing hold


HardWoodHolds seems to me also very popular. They create beautiful shapes. I have ordered a bespoken set of 21 holds. Since Brexit it is a little bit more tricky to order products from the United Kingdom, but they created a new workshop in spain.

HardWoodHolds wooden climbing hold

Snatch Holds

Snatch Holds are shaped in Marburg Germany. I have order 16 holds. Those holds are pretty small and nasty, but I like them a lot. Finn Künkler is also physiotherapist for climbers.

Snatch wooden climbing hold


Handfest holds are made in austria. The shapes are based on simple geometric figures and their touch is like velvet. No joke, really soft. On my wall is the Symmetric Set with 20 holds.

Handfest wooden climbing hold


The UFC.holds are handmade in Iran. Nice and simple shapes to get me strong. I have ordered my 32 holds by Hazelnut Climbing.

UFC.Hold wooden climbing hold

Forty-Fiver Holds

Forty-Fiver Holds are made in Poland by a super sympathetic and passionated climber. I have ordered 48 foot holds and got some extra holds on top.

Forty-Fiver wooden climbing hold

Tempest wood holds

Tempest wood holds are made in Norway. I have just ordered 10 holds, but those holds are eye catching.

Tempest wooden climbing hold


Baton Climbing Holds are also made in the United Kingdom. They produce really special shapes. That has been the main reason for me to order those two Fontainebleau style wooden holds.

Baton wooden climbing hold


beastmaker is maybe better known for their fingerboards, but they produce also wooden climbing holds. I have ordered 10 classic board holds.

Beastmaker wooden climbing hold

Other wooden hold manufacturers

There have been a lot of wooden hold manufacturers, I haven't been able to order. At some point of my project I reached the limit for the initial setup and also my budget. And some wooden holds haven't been that easy with the shipping to Germany. But here a list of holds I definitly would order.

Initial hold layout

I have set the initial symmetric hold layout together with two firends. We have followed some tips by Neil Gresham and a podcast by Power Company Climbing. Thanks again to Robert and Bastien.

Home climbing wall layout


For the routesetting and the logging of my sends I have chosen the Retro Flash app. I have seen this app pretty often on the streams of Grundkurs Bouldern. A popular german youtube channel by Ralf Winkler. While waiting on my wall I watched basically every stream of him, where he climbed boulders by his viewers on his homewall.

By the way, feel free to set me a problem at my account gordonlesti (the link works only with installed app).

Retro Flash Climbing App
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