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Creating a Search in Slim Framework with hooks

My project website is based on the PHP micro framework Slim. There is no nead for a cms or blog system. I just need some static pages and a little bit of logic. My posts on are just static html files that will be served with the php function file_get_contents. But I would like to make the posts searchable. The easy way would be a slim route for search that is just checking if the searched query is contained in every post of my blog. But in near future I would like to make also the documentation searchable. So I will use the hooks of the Slim Framework. Hooks are the same as events in other frameworks. You can throw them and listen or observe them.

Two weeks ago I could not find events in the Slim Framework so I made a Pull Requests to add a EventManager to the Framework. But before sending the Pull Request I have figured out, events are just called hooks:)

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Magento Unconference 2015 Summary

From the 7th to the 8th March 2015 was the Magento Unconference 2015 #mageuc15. Unfortunately I have missed the pre-party at Friday, but I heard it was quite funny. I have been arrived at Saturday morning. Every participant had the opportunity to suggest a topic that he is interested in. It was a cool mix, for example Avoiding Burnout, Magento Search or Module testing. Sometimes it was a presentation, sometimes a discussion or a mix of both. It was a real community event.

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