Magento Unconference 2015 Summary

From the 7th to the 8th March 2015 was the Magento Unconference 2015 #mageuc15. Unfortunately I have missed the pre-party at Friday, but I heard it was quite funny. I have been arrived at Saturday morning. Every participant had the opportunity to suggest a topic that he is interested in. It was a cool mix, for example Avoiding Burnout, Magento Search or Module testing. Sometimes it was a presentation, sometimes a discussion or a mix of both. It was a real community event.

Outstanding Talks

Unfortunately I couldn't listen to all talks, so I have missed Mistake Driven Development from David Manners or Adaptive Design from Kai Köpke. But sometimes you just have to make some decisions.

Clean Module Architecture

The discussion Clean Module Architecture moderated by Vinai Kopp was very refreshing and eyes opening.

Scaling Magento

Something between a presentation and a discussion from Damian Luszczymak and Daniel Niedergesäß was sometimes impressive. They have handled that much stores, products and categories that their solutions appear like elegant crowbars.

Recommender Systems

I had a small talk on my own. My first talk on a conference. I made a small overview about Recommender Systems. I was a little bit nervous, but all listeners were very considerated.

Design Patterns - Abstract Factory

Tim Bezhashvyly has given a clear and structured talk about the benefits of the Abstract Factory Pattern.

Debugging with gdb

Bastian Ike presented gdb and how you can for example debug running processes in php. That was pretty cool.

Development with Capistrano

At the end of the conference Sylvain Rayé has given a informative and quick overview about Capistrano for the last participants.


You just have to imagine that this (un)conference cost me just 30€ or so. And the organization of the mageuc15 team was incredible. It was a place to feel comfortable. I would like to thank the hole mageuc15 team and their sponsors for this conference. I have met so many interesting people and I hope to see you all at mageuc16 again.

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