Archive November 2016

A audio noise filter in JavaScript speech / non-speech classifcation

A few days ago I have written a small post about Reading Web Audio API with JavaScript. But no matter how silent I am acting on my working place, my computer is always producing the following noise.

JavaScript audio noise

I will try to create a small lightweight noise spectrum estimation and elimination filter in JavaScript that is based on the research of Quantile based noise estimation for spectral subtraction and Wiener filtering.

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Use TkInter without mainloop

I am building a small python program that is waiting for input from a bluetooth device. Depending on the input of the device I want to update my GUI. My decision was TkInter, the de-facto standard GUI for Python. But my main problem was the blocking method mainloop.

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Web performance checking with

Sometimes tools are that awesome that you just want to spread the word. I guess I should do that more often. One fantastic tool is is a set of open source tools that will help you to analyze your website and gives you helpful advices to make your website faster.

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Reading Web Audio API with JavaScript

I have read Visualizations with Web Audio API and just wanted to check on my own if I can build a small working example that can read the audio input from the Web Audio API.

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Greenprint - A Prism syntax highlighting theme

I have started the development of my own Prism theme. I was mostly inspired by the awesome Prism theme of Mozilla Developer Network. I thought it would be difficult, but in general it is just defining some colors. The theme is also used by blog.

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Prism - Code folding with details and summary

I have started development of a code folding plugin for Prism syntax highlighting. The comment by Lea Verou showed me that the details and summary tags combined with the Keep markup plugin are a more comfortable solution.

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Prism - syntax highlighting for Magento templates

In the past I have written a few posts about email template directives for Magento 2.

I like to use Prism as syntax highlighter for my blog. So I have created a small grammer for Magento templates that are used for emails and for the CMS system.

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Change theme-color via JavaScript

A few days ago I have found Android chrome tab color and today I wanted to know if it can make sense to change the theme-color via JavaScript. I was not sure if the chrome browser will update the tab color.

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Dynamic or lazy blocks in a CMS page with Lesti_FPC

Simon Sprankel contacted me a few days ago. He is using Lesti_FPC for a customer and he had a block in a few CMS pages. This block has to be dynamic or lazy. I have answered this tricky question a few times via email, but together we have found a good solution that I would like to present in this post.

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Android chrome tab color

Today I come across the website of PaperHive with my Android phone and the tab in the chrome browser was blue instead of gray. I wanted the same for my website in green. I checked the HTML source of the website and found the responsible meta tag.

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