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Book recommendation - Docker for Developers

I started developing Magento 2 projects a year ago. My beloved development environment with virtualization via Vagrant was not an option anymore for such a monster application. Turning back the evolution with installing PHP and a webserver locally was not an option either. I needed something faster and Docker was that something. I made the normal Getting started tutorial and it felt good and fantastic, but I was not able to transform the learned knowledge to my current project. This is not unusual if I lern new software that has a huge field of use. It is possible to search for Put my existing application into Docker in the world wide web, but the result can be disappointing. My decision was firm, the current project has to wait until I have lerned on a more advanced but minimal project how I can integrate my project into Docker. Luckely there was the book Docker for Developers from Chris Tankersley. I can highly recommend this book for every PHP developer that needs a small introduction into Docker.

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Book recommendation - Magento Product Types: Developer's Guide

Today I would like to make a small review about the book Magento Product Types: Developer's Guide from Oleg Ishenko. I know Oleg since 3 years. He was my Chief Technical Officer at a Magento shop in Berlin. This book is not an introduction to Magento. With this book you will get deeper into product types of Magento. You will get a introduction to the core product types in Magento XML configuration. Every really interesting type is included Configurable Product Type, Bundle Product Type, Grouped Product Type and Downloadable Product Type. The author will show you after the core product types, how to create an own custom product type. Every Type has his own chapter and at least one tutorial with sample code in a git repository. Oleg also explains mostly every kind of configuration that Magento uses to define types. You should take a look at this book, if you want to know more about the complexity of products in Magento. And mostly everything revolves around products in e-commerce.

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Book recommendation - PHP Data Persistence with Doctrine 2 ORM

Today I want to make a little review about PHP Data Persistence with Doctrine 2 ORM from Michael Romer. Like I said in a few posts ago, I just developed Magento Shops and worked with the Zend Framework. But there are so many cool libraries and frameworks for webdevelopers that I never tested. One of these things is the Doctrine Project.

"The Doctrine Project (or Doctrine) is a set of PHP libraries primarily focused on providing persistence services and related functionality."
There isn't any other book outside for Doctrine. Maybe, because the documentation is very good. But I wanted a german. I know, I'm presenting the english one, but I did read the german version. If I buy a book, I expect from the author not only knowledge about the a framework or library. I also expect things like common styleguide and some practical experience. The book is published by leanpub. A very cool publisher for ebooks about IT stuff. You just have to write a ebook and can publish it over leanpub. The books will be published in the working progress, often you just have 10% of the book and it will grow. They are not that expensive, but the main problem is, the books aren't that professional.

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Book recommendation - Backbone.js Application Development

A few days ago, I bought me an ebook reader. I need a smart solution for the 2 hours in the subway each day. I just want to learn new frameworks or any other computer things. It was clear, the reader should at first support epub format. My choice was the kobo and I'm happy with that. But were did I get my ebooks from. Sure there are a lot of (free) ebooks in the web. But I want to support the authors and I can't write a critic review of a book I never paid for. Yes, I want to pay for my books, but I will never download books with DRM and install me any Adobe shit. It's very funny, many publisher have there own books without DRM and the reseller with DRM. But there are two publisher I did like very much in the last days. The first one is leanpub.com. You get good and also very bad books for mostly 10 to 20$ in all formats without DRM. A big disadvantage and also a advantage, the author can publish the book in a nonfinished status and you never know if it will be finished. The second Publisher is packtpub.com, a good known publisher from the old paper times. I like there instant books. Just 10$ and you get a more detailed tutorial I would say. And today I would like to say a little bit about Backbone.js Application Development from Thomas Hunter II.

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