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Lesti_Fpc and layered navigation

Since version 1.1.1 of Lesti_Fpc I get more support requests for the layered navigation. I did change the behavior of key generating in Lesti_Fpc to get more hits in the cache. I added the new field Uri Params in the configurations and wrote a post about it. This post is all you need to get your layered navigation work, but I guess it would be better to explain it again an example.

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Book recommendation - Backbone.js Application Development

A few days ago, I bought me an ebook reader. I need a smart solution for the 2 hours in the subway each day. I just want to learn new frameworks or any other computer things. It was clear, the reader should at first support epub format. My choice was the kobo and I'm happy with that. But were did I get my ebooks from. Sure there are a lot of (free) ebooks in the web. But I want to support the authors and I can't write a critic review of a book I never paid for. Yes, I want to pay for my books, but I will never download books with DRM and install me any Adobe shit. It's very funny, many publisher have there own books without DRM and the reseller with DRM. But there are two publisher I did like very much in the last days. The first one is You get good and also very bad books for mostly 10 to 20$ in all formats without DRM. A big disadvantage and also a advantage, the author can publish the book in a nonfinished status and you never know if it will be finished. The second Publisher is, a good known publisher from the old paper times. I like there instant books. Just 10$ and you get a more detailed tutorial I would say. And today I would like to say a little bit about Backbone.js Application Development from Thomas Hunter II.

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Resubmit your Comment in Magento Connect

Two weeks ago, I did get my first bad review on magento connect. The review was for the extension Lesti::Smtp. I can't say how frustrating it was for me. I guess I'm able to take criticism and I know it looks very childish to write a post about it, but I just want say my oppinion about it. Here can you see the review of digisiil.

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