Resubmit your Comment in Magento Connect

Two weeks ago, I did get my first bad review on magento connect. The review was for the extension Lesti::Smtp. I can't say how frustrating it was for me. I guess I'm able to take criticism and I know it looks very childish to write a post about it, but I just want say my oppinion about it. Here can you see the review of digisiil.

Comment of an idiot on Magento Connect

I have to resubmit my Comment

I did react very strong, but fair. But magento connect didn't let me publish my first answer. Here is my first answer on magento connect.

I'm disappointed. There is a big "Q&A"-Tab on this page you never used, there is offical website you never used and there is a email for support you never used. There is a log, if mail sending doesn't work you will find it in exception.log that magento uses. I can't guarantee that this extension is 100% stable, but only you have a problem with it and hundreds of other people use it without any problem. And if there is a problem, I would contact the developer to improve this extension, before rating it that bad. That's the idea behind open source. I didn't take money for extension and support and just share my extension in my freetime. Just for fun and a little bit fame. People like you taking the fun of it, to share my extensions on magentoconnect.

I did contact magento connect, cause I didn't know were I didn't meet there guideline of posting. I didn't get any answer.

No support for magento connect.

I don't know if it is very fair for other users on magento connect, but I guess that I won't support magento connect anymore. I'm very open for bad reviews and critic. But I want to have the opportunity, to say my oppinion on reviews.

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