Lesti_Fpc and layered navigation

Since version 1.1.1 of Lesti_Fpc I get more support requests for the layered navigation. I did change the behavior of key generating in Lesti_Fpc to get more hits in the cache. I added the new field Uri Params in the configurations and wrote a post about it. This post is all you need to get your layered navigation work, but I guess it would be better to explain it again an example.

How does magentos request work?

Zend Framework and Magento work with a key-value pair for parameters in the request. But at first magento uses rewrites to match for example http://fpc.dev/test-4.html?price=1-2 to http://fpc.dev/catalog/category/view/id/3?price=1-2. With this uri magento builds the request. Here is a little diagram.


Why does layered navigation don't work in default installation?

To produce more hits in the cache, we want to ignore senseless parameters. Only if you tell Lesti_Fpc that a parameter is important, it won't be ignored. The attributes of your layered navigation aren't in the default Uri Params. You have to add them to the configurations. In this example I have to add price.

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