First Contact with Magento2

I stared the repository of magento2 since 1 year, but I never did take a look at it. Today I wan't to change this. My current status is commit a15ecb31976feb4ecb62f85257ff6b606fbdbc00. Maybe in a few weeks all of my post isn't the latest. Let's install magento2.

Installing Magento2

I'm sorry, but there isn't any noticeable change to magento1, but I want to show it. You will find the source of magento2 on github. If you don't know git, please install it with:

apt-get install git

Let's clone the repository of magento2 in your root directory with:

cd /your/root/directory/of/magento2
git clone

The document root of Magento2 isn't the root directory. The common way for zend applications in the past was the public directory. Now Magento2 has it's document root in pub. Be sure to set the document root of your vhost to /your/root/directory/of/magento2/pub. If we take a look into the browser, we should see this message:

Cannot create or verify write access: /your/root/directory/of/magento2/pub/media, /your/root/directory/of/magento2/pub/static, /your/root/directory/of/magento2/var, /your/root/directory/of/magento2/var/tmp, /your/root/directory/of/magento2/var/cache, /your/root/directory/of/magento2/var/log, /your/root/directory/of/magento2/var/session

Please give Magento2 the right for these directories. Now should we see the old loved installer:


We agree and continue.


Select a Locale, Time Zone and the Default Currency.


Give Magento the rights for your/root/directory/of/magento2/app/etc


Please enter the database connection, take your options and continue.


After about 4 minutes all 250 tables should be installed. Enter your personal and login information and we are ready.


The same boring steps with the same boring frontend like in magento1. Never change a running system. The frontend also didn't change noticeable in the current version.


Backend in Magento2

But the backend has a new look. You see the new colors come very soft on the login page.


The same colors on the dashboard.


I did like the new theme. I'm a developer and not compulsorily often in the backend, but the old backend was very dark and old fashioned. That's isn't the important part for a developer, but I welcome the new backend theme. I hope I can take a deeper look into Magento2 in an other post.

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