A beastmaker backboard and training station

In this post I would like to show a beastmaker backboard and training station that I build for a friend. I will tell some words about the construction, the climbing hold setup and the hangboard training app used on this board.

beastmaker backboard

Backboard construction

The backboard is a 96 cm wide and 38 cm tall plywood with a thickness of 21 mm. We decided to mount a second level board on top with 20 cm height. This way the top holds can be accessed more easily without touching the fingerboard. The top level board contains five 10 mm screw on t-nuts to change or adjust to climbing holds in the future.

Challenging has been the mounting above the door frame on a drywall. We detected the metal profiles and mounted the backboard with metal cavity fixings.

On the right bottom corner the backboard has a magnetic smartphone holder.

Climbing hold setup

My friend decided to improve his climbing strength by setting up two Campussloper Size L from target10a on top of the board. Beside that two WOOD M PINCH also on the top board and two WOODEN DEEP BIFINGER pockets by Euroholds.

beastmaker training app

For my hangboard or fingerboard training I use the provided app by beastmaker, but my friend is using a different one. The Beastmaker 1000 Training Pro app. It contains different workouts from easy to super hard that can be adjusted. I guess I will try them in the future on my own. My friend is happy with the workouts and after mounting the board he crushed the Lara Croft workout.

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