Beasty 5a+ A beastmaker workout slightly harder than Beasty 5a

I started fingerboarding with my beastmaker Motherboard setup a few month ago and I didn't thought to be that weak. It took me three tries until I was able to complete the easiest workout Beasty 5a without any mistake. Afterwards I was motivated to go on with the second easiest workout Beasty 5b. I managed the 25° Sloper set and also the 3 Finger pocket 30 mm set, but both with mistakes. But the Deep 2-finger pocket 50 mm wasn't even possible after all.

Adjusting beastmaker workout difficulty

In the book Beastmaking by Ned Feehally are described six ways to increase the difficulty of a deadhang.

  • Use a smaller hold
  • Hang on for longer
  • Add weight
  • Use fewer fingers
  • Hang from one arm instead of two
  • Rest for less time between sets

And the following four ways to decrease the difficulty of a deadhang.

  • Use a bigger hold
  • Hang for less time
  • Remove weight with a pulley set-up/restance band/foot on a chair, and so on
  • Rest for longer between sets

So I have the option to increase the difficulty of Beasty 5a or decrease the difficulty of Beasty 5b with the mentioned options.

Beastmaker Beasty workouts

All beastmaker workouts in the Grippy App have the same volume. 2 times 6 sets of 7 hangs with 7 seconds hangtime and 3 seconds rest. 2:30 minutes rest between the sets and 6 minutes rest between the first 6 and the last 6 sets.

Here a quote from the beastmaker FAQ in the case you may think the beastmaker workouts are hard for their grade.

The grades (beastly 5a, beastly 6a etc.) have nothing to do with actual grades, they are simply the names we gave to the workouts while making the app, and we liked them, so they stuck!

Beasty 5a set overview

Here the first 6 sets of Beasty 5a.

Beasty 5a set 1
Beasty 5a set 2
Beasty 5a set 3
Beasty 5a set 4
Beasty 5a set 5
Beasty 5a set 6

Beasty 5b set overview

Here the first 6 sets of Beasty 5b.

Beasty 5b set 1
Beasty 5b set 2
Beasty 5b set 3
Beasty 5b set 4
Beasty 5b set 5
Beasty 5b set 6

Beasty 5a+

I tried the mentioned options to increase or decrease the difficulty of a beastmaker workout. To the Beasty 5a I added weight, but in my eyes are the two or four sets on the jugs just too easy in relation to the 3-finger pockets for example. And I wouldn't like to change the volume of the workout by increasing or decreasing the hang or rest. So I took the first three sets if Beasty 5b and added the more difficult sets 3 to 5 of Beasty 5a.

Beasty 5a+ set 1
Beasty 5a+ set 2
Beasty 5a+ set 3
Beasty 5a+ set 4
Beasty 5a+ set 5
Beasty 5a+ set 6
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