Recalibrate your beastmaker Motherboard

Last week I have been using three different beastmaker Motherboards. Once at home, once at my lead climbing gym Magic Mountain and once at a local bouldering gym südbloc. My weight might be jumping from day to day a little bit and also between morning and evening, but the gap was noticeable. This was no surpise anymore after I found this Grippy post on Instagram. I am writing in this post a small tutorial based on this post to recalibrate your beastmaker Motherboards loadcell. Just in the case you may do not have Instagram and also to spread the word for this small issue.

Unusual weight scale of Motherboard

In front of the most exercises on the Motherboard it is common to measure your daily weight by hanging for a few seconds on the hugs of the beastmaker. I assumed in the past that the loadcell of the board might put a kilogram extra on my weight, but did not pay much attention on that. My thought has been, could be that I was wearing heavy throusers that day. But one kilgram more or less can be a huge difference for the results.

Measure your exact body weight with a scale

Measure your exact body weight with a scale that shows at least one decimal digit.

Measure your body weight with the Grippy App

Measure your body weight afterwards with the Grippy App. Go into your Profile and into your Weight History. Click afterwards on Measure bodyweight.

Grippy beastmaker Motherboard measure weight

Difference between scale and Motherboadr weight

In my case the scale showed me one minute beforehand that my weight is exactly 71.4 kilogram. But the Motherboard put 0.7 kilogram on top and measured 72.1 kilgram.

Grippy beastmaker Motherboard wrong weight

Calibration offset

Click afterwards in the top right corner on the settings icon. Here you can set the offset to the weight. I have no clue why applied 0.8 kilogramm offset in my screenshots.

Grippy beastmaker Motherboard calibrate weight offset

Measure your weight again with the Motherboard

Afterwards you can measure again your weight with the Motherboard and it should fit.

Grippy beastmaker Motherboard correct weight
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