Selfmade wrist-roller against tennis elbow

I had a shoulder impingement a few years ago as I started climbing. Solution to the problem has been climbing with an active shoulder and also exercises from the book Climb Injury-Free. In general I can recommend this book to everybody with smaller climbing related injuries. That's why I send every climber friend a few hints and exercises from the book if they have for example a tennis or golfer elbow. Since approximately two month I have a tennis elbow or lateral epicondylosis. So today I have decided to build myself a wrist roller or dowel constrcution.

wrist roller

Building a wrist roller

I want to be honest, this article is a complete overdose. A wrist roller or dowel construction as mentioned in the book is nothing more than a bar with a cord on it. You can buy them also from Workshop 19/50 for example. I just took a nice piece of beech wood and a little bit more time on every step.

Sawing the bar

I have choosen a a beech wood bar with a 30 mm diameter. The wirst roller from a above has 38 mm. I guess everything until 50 mm is fine. The bigger the diameter, the harder it gets. The smaller the diameter, the more often you need to spin the bar until the end. The length of the bar should be around 300 mm after sawing.

wrist roller sawing

Drilling a hole in the bar

Afterwards I drilled a 6 mm hole into the bar. The diameter of the hole depends on the cord you would like to use. Challenging might be to drill the hole throw the center of the bar. I used a drilling stand at this point. I cleaned up the hole with a countersink afterwards. Might also be more gentle for the cord.

wrist roller drilling

Milling the bar

As I own a router for milling, I also use it as often as possible. For the finish I rounded both ends of the bar.

wrist roller milling

Cord and carabiner

I cutted a cord to the length of 2 meter and fasten it to the bar by a knot. Afterwards I placed a carabiner on the other end of the cord.

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