Upgrade from Bootstrap version 3 to 4

Bootstrap 4.0.0 seems to be released soon. My small blog is mostly based on plain Bootstrap with a few color changes. I will try to upgrade from Bootstrap 3.3.6 to version v4.0.0-alpha.5. This post will just document the changes that I have noticed while upgrading.


The first thing that I have noticed was the following error message in my console log.

Install Tether

So I have installed Tether 1.4.0 and included the tether.min.js before bootstrap.min.js. But that just made the navigation bar usable again.

Missing classes

Here a small list of classes that I have missed in Bootstrap 4.

  • .img-responsive
  • .page-header
  • .center-block
  • .hidden
  • .pager
  • .previous
  • .next
    Next Previous