Lesti::Smtp replaces normal Sendmail by Smtp. That allows you to send your emails over the smtp-server of your email-account. This reduces the spam-ranking of your mails.

Where are the configurations?

You can find the configurations under System => Configuration => Advanced => System => Lesti Smtp.

It doesn’t work?

If no email was send, please be sure to enable logging of magento and have a look at /var/log/exception.log. Zend_Mail should write a understandable exception in this log file.

Magento Version?

Lesti_Smtp is compatible with Magento CE 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8

Possible conflicts?

Lesti::Smtp rewrites the model core/email_template.

27 thoughts on “Lesti::Smtp”

  1. Hello:)

    Thank you for the good extension, this is exactly what I was looking for:)

    But I’m doing something wrong probably, because I can’t sent mails from magento. If you can help me a bit it would be wonderful:) My version of magento is Thank you very much for your time and effort:)

    Wish you a nice day:)


    1. Hello Peter,
      If zend_mail can’t send, you should have an exception in var/log/exception.log. Logs should be enabled to see. I hope that helps, if not, feel free to contact me again.

      Best Regards

      1. It works!:) Thank you for your help, I didn’t know about the log file, the problem was wrong sender email address and my mail server blocked it. I’ve changed it and now everything works great. Thank you again;)

        Wish you a nice day;)


  2. Hi, installation seems to have gone correctly. But I’m still not receiving any emails. I am not sure how to modify the log file you’ve mentioned above. Can you give me some help?


    1. Hello,
      you don’t need to modify the log file. But if you don’t get email, magento will log in exception.log the error message. Mostly there are some mistakes with auth. For example wrong username or password.

      Best Regads

  3. Thanks Gordon. Works great with Amazon Web Services SES.

    Here is an example with the settings that worked for SES:
    Enable: Yes
    Host: email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com
    Port: 587
    SSL: tls
    Auth: plain

  4. I’ve been using Lesti::smtp in many of the stores I’ve built without any issues. This makes me believe there’s no problems with the module.
    Nevertheless, I’m in trouble with a new client’s install where I cannot send emails using smtp (php mail works great, but sends to different recipient address).
    Here is an extract of my exception log file:
    exception ‘Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception’ with message ‘Connection refused’ in /home/targetst/public_html/citropack.com.br/lib/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Abstract.php:277
    My settings are:
    Host: smtp.citropack.com.br
    Port: 587
    SSL: tls
    Auth: login

    Can you help, please?

    I’m using Magento CE for this store, but I can confirm that the module works great with Mage CE 1.8.0

    Thank you very much.


    1. Hello Airton,
      that means zend can’t open a socket to the given connection. The transport, host or port is wrong.

      Best Regards

  5. Hi Gordon,

    I just have installed your extension for my magento webshop because i not can get my own mailserver working at debian using postfix etc.
    So after the installation i have used the hotmail smtp server like the following:
    enable = yes
    host = smtp.live.com
    port = 25 or 465
    username myemailname@hotmail.com
    password ******************
    ssl = ssl
    auth = login

    exception.log says:

    exception ‘Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception’ with message ”smtp.live.com ‘ appears to be a DNS hostname but cannot match TLD against known list, ‘smtp.live.com ‘ does not appear to be a valid local network name’ in /lib/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Abstract.php:145

      1. u where right i had a blank space after my smtp.live.com setting but when i change it still not working

        now i getting the follow:
        exception ‘Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception’ with message ‘Connection timed out’ in /lib/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Abstract.php:277

  6. Hi Gordon,

    Very nice module, I use it a lot but now I have a magento 1.9 system but when installing, clearing cache, logout etc it doesn’t show in the system menu. Any idea how I can fix that?


  7. I installed the module under of Magento but, I am unable to send emails like the Order Confirmation. The module shows under System->Configuration->Advanced->System and is enabled.

    Logging, which is enable on the site, doesn’t show any errors. I tried putting in bogus values hoping to generate some type of error to narrow down a cause, but nothing shows in the logs for the module. It’s like it isn’t even being executed.

    Is there something I am missing? Thanks!

  8. Hey, I am working on magento 1.9.1 and my store is not sending any email. no confirmation, no shipment, no invoice, no password recovery or anything. Although my store is properly configured with the mail server and it is sending the test mails through php scripts. I raise this issue on stackexchange also and someone referred me your extension. As I see above that your extension is not compatible with 1.9.1. yet. So can you help me out with this please, I would really appreciate that. If you want to have a look, I can giver you the login credentials also.


  9. After uploading the files on my server I got the following error
    Magento v1.7.0.2

    Fatal error: Class ‘Lesti_Smtp_Core_Model_Email_Template’ not found in /www/domain.com/includes/src/__default.php on line 30105

    I installed the same files (exact same unzip of the files) to another magento install and it worked fine
    Magento v1.9.1.0

    This is my only 1.7 install of Magento I can test with, so unsure where the issue is as I cannot duplicate it on another site

  10. Hi Gordon,

    I have Magento ver. not geeting order conformation email. Tested all thing not working for me.

    Can you help?


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