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Persistent directories for one-way Docker containers

One-way bottles in germany will be thrown in the garbage after usage. Some Docker containers will be removed or destroyed after execution. But especially for some dependency management tools or task runners it can be nice to have a persistent directory. We can achieve that with the parameter --volumes-from and a busybox. I will show the usage on a Docker container of Composer and Gradle, but the principle is easy to transfer for other building or management Docker containers.

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Book recommendation - Docker for Developers

I started developing Magento 2 projects a year ago. My beloved development environment with virtualization via Vagrant was not an option anymore for such a monster application. Turning back the evolution with installing PHP and a webserver locally was not an option either. I needed something faster and Docker was that something. I made the normal Getting started tutorial and it felt good and fantastic, but I was not able to transform the learned knowledge to my current project. This is not unusual if I lern new software that has a huge field of use. It is possible to search for Put my existing application into Docker in the world wide web, but the result can be disappointing. My decision was firm, the current project has to wait until I have lerned on a more advanced but minimal project how I can integrate my project into Docker. Luckely there was the book Docker for Developers from Chris Tankersley. I can highly recommend this book for every PHP developer that needs a small introduction into Docker.

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Building a Gradle Docker image

I like to use Gradle as building tool for my Java Open JDK projects. Unfortunately is there no official image available on Docker Hub. That is why I started to build my own Gradle image.

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Run Java command line in Docker containers

I try to avoid installing specific versions of programming language interpreters and compilers on my operating system. Project A has other requirements as project B or C and the software stack on my operating system gets more and more confusing. Luckily is it possible to run the most command line based things in a Docker container. I will try to compile and run a small Java program in a Docker container.

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Run different php-cli versions with Docker

I am working on a small PHP library that should use some new features from PHP 7, for example scalar type declarations and return type declarations. But my current Debian 8 has only PHP 5.6.29 for me at the moment. The unstable distribution sid is no option to me and in general I try to avoid installing a specific PHP interpreter on my OS. Fortunately I need PHP only on the command line to test my library so I can use Docker to switch between the versions.

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Web performance checking with sitespeed.io

Sometimes tools are that awesome that you just want to spread the word. I guess I should do that more often. One fantastic tool is sitespeed.io. Sitespeed.io is a set of open source tools that will help you to analyze your website and gives you helpful advices to make your website faster.

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