Magento 2 email template layout directives

Instead of just including a block into an email template, Magento makes it possible to load a hole tree of blocks or just in other words a layout. Here a small post about the the layout directive in Magento 2 email templates with source code examples from Magento.

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Linux - Bluetooth version of connected devices

I had the dream to connect a Wii Remote controller with my web browser. The possibilities are infinite, playing games in the browser for example. Luckily Wii Remote controllers are using Bluetooth for the connection and there is already a group of developers on a possibility to connect Bluetooth devices with the Chrome web browser. With the help of How to get Chrome Web Bluetooth working on Linux from Alan C. Assis I was just one step away from reading the acceleration data of the controller via JavaScript, but unfortunately Web Bluetooth needs Bluetooth 4.0 or above. So this post is just about detecting the Bluetooth version of device with Linux.

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A Prism based web text editor with syntax highlighting

I like to use Prism on my blog for syntax highlighting. Today I just want to test something like prototype for web text editor with Prism syntax highlighting. I know there are also working web text editors like CodeMirror for example, but as mentioned this post more a feasibility study.

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Local browser storage over many tabs

I just want to check how the localStorage of a browser behaves over many tabs.

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Digitalise a vinyl record with Audacity on Linux

I am digitizing all my old vinyl records and I would like to show how I am doing that with Audacity on Linux.

Technics SL 1200 MK2

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A audio noise filter in JavaScript quantile based

I am a little bit interested in the possibilities of reading audio input from the web browser. So I have written a small audio noise filter based on frame wise speech / non-speech classifcation a few days ago. This filter was based on the research of the paper Quantile based noise estimation for spectral subtraction and Wiener filtering. The paper contains also an other approach, a quantile based noise spectrum estimation.

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JSON - beautifier and minifier

A small tool to beautify or minify JSON data.

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A audio noise filter in JavaScript speech / non-speech classifcation

A few days ago I have written a small post about Reading Web Audio API with JavaScript. But no matter how silent I am acting on my working place, my computer is always producing the following noise.

JavaScript audio noise

I will try to create a small lightweight noise spectrum estimation and elimination filter in JavaScript that is based on the research of Quantile based noise estimation for spectral subtraction and Wiener filtering.

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Use TkInter without mainloop

I am building a small python program that is waiting for input from a bluetooth device. Depending on the input of the device I want to update my GUI. My decision was TkInter, the de-facto standard GUI for Python. But my main problem was the blocking method mainloop.

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Web performance checking with

Sometimes tools are that awesome that you just want to spread the word. I guess I should do that more often. One fantastic tool is is a set of open source tools that will help you to analyze your website and gives you helpful advices to make your website faster.

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