Archive April 2017

ownCloud desktop client for Debian repository with GPG error

I am running the ownCloud desktop client 2.2.3 for Debian 8, jessie. Since a while the client shows me that version 2.3.1 is available, but unfortunately did I get the following error if I want to update the client.

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Testing a website in Safari with Mac OS X VirtualBox

Developing a website on a Linux operating system is pretty comfortable, but unfortunately are the most users of those websites using other operating systems with other web browsers. There is a nice solution for the Windows Internet Explorer or Edge browser, free Virtual Machines from IE8 to MS Edge. Unfortunately I have not found an easy way to setup a VirtualBox with Mac OS X to test a website in the Safari web browser. My colleague Jan Knipper pointed me to vagrant-box-osx, a Mac OS X Vagrant box for VirtualBox by Andrew Dryga.

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