Disable clickable links in WordPress comments

I have noticed more and more links to commercial Magento extensions in the comments of my blog. That is pretty normal, cause my Magento extensions aren’t free of conflicts with other extensions and people just want to give me a hint. But sometimes I’m not sure if they just want to ask a stupid question and make their link. SEO isn’t my hot topic. Everything I know is, good content and backlinks are important. I always visit the website of an comment and sometimes I remove their link to an commercial Magento extension shop. But I would like to disable the links in the comments. So I have decided to make all links in comments not clickable.

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Cholesky decomposition in PHP with NumPHP

Today I have released NumPHP 1.0.2. I have added the Cholesky decomposition. It factors a matrix into a lower and a upper triangular matrix like the LU Decomposition. The disadvantage is, the Cholesky decomposition works only for symmetric positive definite matrices. The advantage is, it is faster than the LU decomposition and the resulting matrices are L (lower triangular) and LT (transposed of L, upper triangular). This can be helpful to solve systems of linear equations with symmetric positive definite matrices faster.

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Solving a linear system in PHP with NumPHP

I would like to show, how to solve a system of linear equations in PHP with NumPHP.

What is NumPHP?

NumPHP is my pretty small library in pre development status. I have build it after using Numpy in the university. I have missed some features like the multiplication of matrices in PHP. Sure, PHP is a language for the web and not for science, but sometimes it can be very helpful to solve problems with the calculation of matrices. Numpy can do a lot more and NumPHP hasn’t the claim to be used for science, but maybe it can be helpful to solve little problems on a webpage or to evaluate some user datas. I have called the current status pre developer, cause I just wanted to check if it would be possible and I just have implemented the most important functions for this little example. NumPHP is completely tested. Enough excuses.

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Mage Unconference 2015


Since two years I wasn’t on any magento confernce. That’s mostly because I’m a student and I haven’t enough money for big conferences. So today I would like to promote the Mage Unconference 2015 and this post is my contribution. The conference will happen at 7th and 8th March 2015 in Berlin. I have my ticket and it would be pretty cool to meet some people from the magento community, that I only know from there github avatars.

Install Pencil on Debian

Pencil is a pretty nice open-source GUI prototyping tool. The only little problem for Debian user is, Pencil depends on Firefox and not on Iceweasel. If you want to bypass that problem very easy, you can download pencil as Firefox Extension. But if you want to use Pencil as native application you have to download the deb package and will see, that it depends on Firefox. Iceweasel and Firefox are the same things, but have different names. Here is a Wikipedia articel about Mozilla Corporation software rebranded by the Debian project. You can run dpkg also with –ignore-depends=firefox, but that isn’t a very good solution.

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Edit cacheTags and Parameters via events in Lesti_Fpc 1.3.2

In Lesti_Fpc 1.3.2 I have added the possibility to edit the cacheTags and Parameters via an event. The idea of the Fpc was very clear and simple, but every day I get requests from developers with problems, that aren’t that simple. For example oblomovx wanted to Disable Cleaning of Categories after product save. Maybe 98% of all Fpc users didn’t need the possibilty to disable this functionality. Or riznmage wanted to Add AJAX parameter to make a differnce between requests that are made by ajax and normal requests. I can understand the need of such a thing, but on the other site I can’t implement every crazy idea or I just think that it is wrong to make a ajax request on a action that isn’t normally made for it. To let the Fpc simple, but also give those people the possiblity for there workflow I have made it like Magento. I have dispatched some events to work a little bit more advanced with the behavior of the Fpc.

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