Vegan tomato garlic bread spread

As present for easter, we cooked our own vegan tomato garlic bread spread.

Vegan Bread Spread

Just one kilogram of biological tomatos, leek, carrots, garlic and some other ingredients cooked for 45 minutes. As supplement for our family we designed a small label with our own brand Dien Gräuns. Translated from Low German dialect that means Your vegetables.

Creating a Search in Slim Framework with hooks

My project website is based on the PHP micro framework Slim. There is no nead for a cms or blog system. I just need some static pages and a little bit of logic. My posts on are just static html files that will be served with the php function file_get_contents. But I would like to make the posts searchable. The easy way would be a slim route for search that is just checking if the searched query is contained in every post of my blog. But in near future I would like to make also the documentation searchable. So I will use the hooks of the Slim Framework. Hooks are the same as events in other frameworks. You can throw them and listen or observe them. Two weeks ago I could not find events in the Slim Framework so I made a Pull Requests to add a EventManager to the Framework. But before sending the Pull Request I have figured out, events are just called hooks:)

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Magento Unconference 2015 Summary

From the 7th to the 8th March 2015 was the Magento Unconference 2015 #mageuc15. Unfortunately I have missed the pre-party at Friday, but I heard it was quite funny. I have been arrived at Saturday morning. Every participant had the opportunity to suggest a topic that he is interested in. It was a cool mix, for example Avoiding Burnout, Magento Search or Module testing. Sometimes it was a presentation, sometimes a discussion or a mix of both. It was a real community event.

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Multidimensional ArrayAccess in PHP is impossible

I’m working on NumPHP again and for the next version I would like to give this library a little bit more syntactic sugar. For example the get and set functions look like this at the moment.

$column = $matrix->get('1:3', 5);
$matrix->set(3, '1:', $vector);

Not bad, but something like this would be better.

$column = $matrix['1:3'][5];
$matrix[3]['1:'] = $vector;

So I have found the interface ArrayAccess, but it has one big problem. It is not for multidimensional objects.

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Disable clickable links in WordPress comments

I have noticed more and more links to commercial Magento extensions in the comments of my blog. That is pretty normal, cause my Magento extensions aren’t free of conflicts with other extensions and people just want to give me a hint. But sometimes I’m not sure if they just want to ask a stupid question and make their link. SEO isn’t my hot topic. Everything I know is, good content and backlinks are important. I always visit the website of an comment and sometimes I remove their link to an commercial Magento extension shop. But I would like to disable the links in the comments. So I have decided to make all links in comments not clickable.

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Cholesky decomposition in PHP with NumPHP

Today I have released NumPHP 1.0.2. I have added the Cholesky decomposition. It factors a matrix into a lower and a upper triangular matrix like the LU Decomposition. The disadvantage is, the Cholesky decomposition works only for symmetric positive definite matrices. The advantage is, it is faster than the LU decomposition and the resulting matrices are L (lower triangular) and LT (transposed of L, upper triangular). This can be helpful to solve systems of linear equations with symmetric positive definite matrices faster.

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